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Editing Education

I have recently submitted for approval the second round of edits for my upcoming novel, Finding Lisa.  The process for these edits was much more “intense” (for lack of a better word).  My guess is the reason for this stems from the fact that this book will be released by Silver Publishing, an extremely large house.
My assigned editor not only read the manuscript, did a line by edit, but also contributed to making concrete suggestions to meet some of the needs of the content changes.  She was very clear about following my writing style; the style used in this book.  While I accepted some of her ideas, her suggestions also gave me a diving off point for my own rewrites.
There is nothing she suggested that changed the book in a way I might find offensive or off-topic.  Instead, I found her assistance invaluable in raising my story to a much higher level.
Many of you know, I augmented the ending from the original piece.  It took a while for me to truly give this option/suggestion some focused thought.  After reading the rationale for the change, I finally came to the conclusion that the editor’s perception of the journey for the main character, as a reader, would come to a much more satisfying end if I made some significant changes.
After completing the second round of edits I am now awaiting the final approval of the story and receiving the galleys when they are ready for review.  I must admit, I’m a bit nervous as I haven’t heard back since I submitted what will hopefully be the final changes.  I can definitely understand why the analogy between writing a book is akin to awaiting the birth of child.  I’m almost as anxious now as I was during the ninth month of pregnancy.  
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