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Writing is a challenge

During last week's vacation I was sent more edits. Unfortunately my editor and I had a definite difference of opinion regarding the final chapter of FINDING LISA. The book, and all its edits (hopefully final edits), has been forward to the Editor-in-Chief as, according to my editor we have reached an "impasse".

I believe the editor sees my characters one way and I see them another. There have been many changes to the book that I have been flexible about, as the rewrites were quite extensive.

I have augmented the final chapter, however the editor thinks the entire chapter should be cut. In this case, I did significant rewrites of this chapter but didn't agree.

Now, it's once again all about wait and see. The final determination is in the hands of the EIC. For those who think writing a book is simple -- think again. It IS work -- although I hope the outcome will be as gratifying as it always has been in the past.

This has been a much bigger learning experience, as an author, than I ever could have predicted.
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