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As Dreamspinner finishes the celebration of the publication of their 1000th title, they're discounting all paperbacks by 20%!

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Deal of the Day - Tuesday, March 27th

On Tuesday, March 27th, FINDING LISA by Carolyn LeVine Topol, will be the Deal of the Day at the Eros website.

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1000th Title Celebration at Dreamspinner Press...

Dreamspinner Press is having a huge series of sales to celebrate the release of their 1000th title!

Don't miss out.

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There are new reviews posted, so please visit! :)
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FINDING LISA by Carolyn LeVine Topol available in many places

FINDING LISA has become available in more than one place. I’m thrilled to share the links here:

All Romance e-books:

And of course you can find all my books, with their direct “buy links” on my website (recently updated) here:

Please check out Finding Lisa or any of my other books! Happy Reading!!!
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Finding Lisa - updated link and blurb

Here is the updated link for Finding Lisa at Silver Publishing:


Finding Lisa follows Lisa Barnes Singleton through a year, from birthday to birthday. She grows up and grows aware of who she is and what she is truly capable of accomplishing when she stays true to herself.
Finding Lisa is the story of Lisa Barnes Singleton and her year-long journey, beginning with finding her husband, Robert, in bed with her best friend, to realizing her true nature and potential, personally and professionally. Lisa's journey takes her from Connecticut to South Beach, and then back to New York City. She experiences the thrill of her first real orgasm, and the beauty of a loving and deeply passionate relationship with Gigi, the woman who owns the brownstone she moves into when she arrives in Manhattan.
Lisa is also fighting to keep the integrity of the lingerie empire her father built years earlier intact.
Despite Lisa's sexual confusion and difficult romantic entanglements that stand in their way, Gigi and Lisa find their way to developing a relationship based on honesty, respect, passion and love.
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Yesterday morning I woke to a new email from the Editor-in-Chief who was reviewing my manuscript. I cautiously clicked on the attachment to open the EIC Proof of FINDING LISA. I couldn't help scrolling down to the final chapter... MY final chapter was there. Almost no suggested adjustments were listed in the track changes.

As my characters do from time to time in stories, I let out a breath I didn't know I was holding.

In addition, she streamlined the blurbs for publicity.

I spent several hours completing the corrections and have already returned the manuscript for the final stages of production. It looks like January 28th is still in the cards!

In the body of the email, the EIC assured me that her suggestions are just that -- suggestions. Unless it's ridiculous or blatantly incorrect, it looks like the author still IS the author.

To say I'm feeling relieved and renewed would be an understatement!
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Writing is a challenge

During last week's vacation I was sent more edits. Unfortunately my editor and I had a definite difference of opinion regarding the final chapter of FINDING LISA. The book, and all its edits (hopefully final edits), has been forward to the Editor-in-Chief as, according to my editor we have reached an "impasse".

I believe the editor sees my characters one way and I see them another. There have been many changes to the book that I have been flexible about, as the rewrites were quite extensive.

I have augmented the final chapter, however the editor thinks the entire chapter should be cut. In this case, I did significant rewrites of this chapter but didn't agree.

Now, it's once again all about wait and see. The final determination is in the hands of the EIC. For those who think writing a book is simple -- think again. It IS work -- although I hope the outcome will be as gratifying as it always has been in the past.

This has been a much bigger learning experience, as an author, than I ever could have predicted.
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Editing Education

I have recently submitted for approval the second round of edits for my upcoming novel, Finding Lisa.  The process for these edits was much more “intense” (for lack of a better word).  My guess is the reason for this stems from the fact that this book will be released by Silver Publishing, an extremely large house.
My assigned editor not only read the manuscript, did a line by edit, but also contributed to making concrete suggestions to meet some of the needs of the content changes.  She was very clear about following my writing style; the style used in this book.  While I accepted some of her ideas, her suggestions also gave me a diving off point for my own rewrites.
There is nothing she suggested that changed the book in a way I might find offensive or off-topic.  Instead, I found her assistance invaluable in raising my story to a much higher level.
Many of you know, I augmented the ending from the original piece.  It took a while for me to truly give this option/suggestion some focused thought.  After reading the rationale for the change, I finally came to the conclusion that the editor’s perception of the journey for the main character, as a reader, would come to a much more satisfying end if I made some significant changes.
After completing the second round of edits I am now awaiting the final approval of the story and receiving the galleys when they are ready for review.  I must admit, I’m a bit nervous as I haven’t heard back since I submitted what will hopefully be the final changes.  I can definitely understand why the analogy between writing a book is akin to awaiting the birth of child.  I’m almost as anxious now as I was during the ninth month of pregnancy.  
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FINDING LISA by Carolyn LeVine Topol, to be released by Silver Publishing

I received the second round of edits a few days ago and had a very productive email discussion with my editor regarding the ending.

After sleeping on her suggestions overnight, I offered a compromise that she agreed to, with the hopes it would truly meet both our needs for the main characters, and especially the needs of the readers to have a satisfying and logical ending.

As of this morning the edits were sent back. Hopefully this will be the final! *crosses fingers*

This has been a very educational experience for me and I will be approaching future books with a much more critical eye than ever before.